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How to remove labels easily from jars and bottles

Sådan fjerner du nemt etiketter fra glas og flasker – find etiketfjerner, tips og inspiration på danishthings.comRead more

How to remove labels easily from jars and bottles Do you recognize yourself? You’ve bought a product in a jar – or in a glass bottle. You’ve already eaten the product, but the jar is so beautiful, a patent jar, has a good lid, a nice shape, the right size for … – but unfortunately, […]

Carnival Cats for decoration and as templates

Fastelavnskatte til dekoration og som skabelon - find gratis dekorationer, skabeloner, masker, opskrifter og inspiration på danishthings.com © Christel Danish ThingsRead more

“Fastelavn” or “Shrovetide” “Fastelavn” is a carnival and in Denmark, it is mostly a party for children. It is always the Sunday before Ash Wednesday. The term “Fastelavn” means “fast evening” or the day before Lent. In Denmark, we are mostly Protestants and “Fastelavn” is now a tradition without the Lent. “Beat the cat out […]

Froebel star – a classic Danish Christmas decoration.

Flet en julestjerne - trin for trin. Folde julestjerner eller flette julestjerner - Flet dine egne julestjerner, gennemgang med tekst, fotos og lille film. Find opskrifter, trin for trin guides, gratis print selv og inspiration til din jul på danishthings.com - Make a Froebel star - a classic Danish Christmas decoration – find froebel star instructions @ danishthings.comRead more

It’s time to fold stars! And here you’ll get the instructions. Fröbel star is a classic Danish Christmas decoration made of paper. In Denmark, we use the Fröbel stars as ornaments on Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. We make decorative garlands and hang them in windows and on our walls. It is a popular tradition […]

Napoleon’s Hat

Napoleonshatte - Napoleon's hat - a classic Danish shortbread cake shaped like a triangular hat filled with marzipan - find the recipe at danishthings.com © Christel Danish ThingRead more

Napoleon’s Hat for my father Today is my father’s birthday. My dad also gets three cheers hurray, hurray, HURRAAAAAAAAA – happy birthday dad. Yesterday it was Lise who received a cake for her birthday – today it is my fathers turn – it is his birthday today. He has chosen his own cake and he […]

Kransekage – marzipan wreath cake

kransekage - find opskrifter og inspiration til årets gang på danishthings.comRead more

New Year is equal to KRANSEKAGE – marzipan wreath cake The kransekage (literally wreath cake) The Danes prepare it for special occasions such as New Year’s Eve, weddings, graduation and birthdays. I can not remember when I first made kransekage for New Year’s eve – but I know that my sister and I made a […]

Pleated Christmas hearts – Danish Christmas harts

Pleated Christmas hearts - Flettede julehjerter - Danish Things © danishthings.comRead more

December 6. It’s time for Christmas decorations again – this time it’s the Christmas heart. The pleated Christmas heart is a classic on the Danish Christmas trees. They are traditionally pleated in the national colours of red and white. But today the hearts can be made of all kinds of paper in all sorts of […]

Paper cones – a Danish Christmas decoration

Paper cones - kræmmerhuse- Danish Things © danishthings.comRead more

December 4. This blog is called Danish Things – and today you will get a little taste of Danish culture and Danish Christmas traditions. 🙂 It is all about Christmas decorations – I chose the paper cone as the first one. Many of the things the Danes decorate their trees with today dates back to […]