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Make yourself a Christmas tree – free templates

Christmas trees - make your own Christmas decorations. Find free templates of 3 different Christmas trees, with optional decoration in the middle. Find inspiration for your Christmas and other Danish inspiration @ #DanishThings #Christmas #ChristmasTrees #ChristmasTree #Decoration #ChristmasDecoration #Free #Template #tree. Juletræer til juleklip. Gratis skabeloner af 3 forskellige juletræer, med valgfri dekoration i midten. Find inspiration til årets gang på danishthings.comRead more

  Christmas templates – make your own Christmas tree Now it’s time for making Christmas decorations! In Danish schools, there is a tradition called a “cut-glue day” (klippe-klistre dag). At the beginning of December, children make Christmas decorations for their classrooms and the school. Most people in Denmark have taken part in “klippe-klistre” day, either […]

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Almonds – blanched, baked and flour/meal

Make your own blanched almonds, baked almonds and almond flourmeal - it is easy and cheaper than store bought - recipes and inspiration @ danishthings.comRead more

Blanched, baked and flour/meal – almonds Almonds – I love them – blanched, baked and as flour/meal for cakes and desserts. You can make your own treats and use the almonds as ingredients in your cooking. Use the amount of almonds that fit your recipe. Blanched almonds Baked almonds Almond flour/meal   Blanched almonds Blanched […]

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