As a healthier snack for my child’s lunch box – or for my own – I make these “Sweet breadsticks – perfect for the lunch box”.

They are inspired by the Paleo bread but has fibres, dates, bananas and chocolate in them and these ingredients was not a part of the Danish stone age. Cacao nibs enhance the chocolate flavour – if you haven’t got them just add more chocolate. I use dark chocolate, over 70% usually 86% but use the chocolate you like best.
The dates and chocolate make them taste a bit like cake – and Christian loves that.

I use to bake them in a square silicone baking pan or a silicone bread pan and I use a baking spray to grease the baking pans.
When you have mixed everything let it rest for 20 minutes or longer to let the flaxseed/linseeds and chia seeds become “jelly-like”. This jelly is supposed to be very healthy and it holds the bread together – the same way as eggs do. I alternate between the general recipe and the suggested variations. The variations I use the most is the adding of vanilla powder and/or nuts.
To use these “Sweet breadsticks” as “breakfast buns” add berries or grated carrots/beets. Bread sticks with berries are hard slicing. If you add blueberries I recommend that you bake them as a bun in a muffin tin.

Sweet breadsticks - perfect for the lunch box
Breadstick with blueberry and traditional sweet breadstick.
Sweet breadsticks – perfect for the lunch box

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Sweet breadsticks – perfect for the lunch box

60 mins
Serves 10


• 250 g Seed mixture* or buy a (paleo) seed mixture
• 10 g cacao nibs (or more chocolate)
• ½ teaspoon salt
• 1 banana about 75 g
• 4 pitted dates about 50 g (You can use raisins)
• 4 eggs
• 50 g “Fiber Diet” fibrous breakfast cereal made from wheat bran, dates and raisins **
• 55 g dark chocolate/dark chocolate chips
• 30 g dried diced apples


1. Measure and mix your seeds* if you use cacao nibs mix them in.
2. Blend eggs, dates, salt, and banana, into a homogeneous mass in a blender.
3. Stir the mixture in your seed mix add “fiber diet”** and mix it well.
4. Finally, add chocolate chips and apple cubes.
5. Allow the mass to rest for 20+ minutes – or skip this.
6. Divide the mass into two portions, and bake the pieces of bread in greased baking pans – one in a square flat baking pan and/or a bread pan, about 25-35 min at 150 degrees C.
7. Let the bread cool and cut it into strips or slice it.
8. Refrigerate.


* Make your own seed mix by taking:
• 60 g sesame seeds
• 60 g flaxseed/linseeds
• 60 g sunflower seeds
• 45 g pumpkin seeds
• 25 g chia seeds

Or use 250 g of your favourite seeds.

** If necessary, use. 40 g wheat bran and 10-20 g extra dates/raisins

• one teaspoon of vanilla powder or cinnamon in the mixture
• almonds or nuts
• other dried fruits
• 100 g blueberries – bake in a muffin tray


Sweet breadsticks - perfect for the lunch box.
Sweet breadsticks – perfect for the lunch box.