December 2. – Collage or Print a poster

It’s no secret that I love, working with collage – and here the past few years mixed media, the use of other media, such as paint, in a collage.
I have given countless collages/mixed media gifts to my poor parents. 😀

Paper Collage has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I wrote about it for my art exam in when I became a teacher. The students who have been in my classes, they have all made AT LEAST one collage – a year.
Making a collage is inexpensive. So it is good for school projects, where resources are small. It is easy – and it is almost impossible to make mistakes – if you like it it’s super.

I also enjoy making collages on the computer. I can use all the possibilities MANY times. My biggest problem, when working with paper, is that I can only use the paper once. I sometimes doubt myself whether it is the right way I have made my collage if I don’t use printed/photocopied elements. And I don’t use printed/photocopied elements that much. There are so many fine advertising images, text in books and newspapers, photographs, handmade paper and plain paper … In this festive season, it will be cool to use scraps, Christmas stickers and so on.

If you’re feeling courageous, create a collage. Either a poster or start small with a Christmas card or even smaller with gift tags – it is going to be so much fun.

If you use elements from the web, remember to check the copyrights. It might not be the biggest problem if you make collages for yourself or your loved ones. But if you want to sell your collages – or give them away on the internet, it is a good idea to have everything in order. I googled “Free vector” many times, yet got hold of pictures with copyrights. So it is always a good idea to do a reverse google search for the image you are interested in.

If you are too busy – or want to save the collage making for later, I have made a Christmas poster for you. I hope that you like it. I might have one more, it is a lighter colour and it is not the light blue poster next to the Santa …

What do you say? Do you love collage? How about posters? Please comment 🙂

Juleplakat med julemand @
Christmas poster with Santa Claus

And if you’re wondering – Santa Claus was NOT free – I found out about it in time and I HAVE bought the picture. I changed the colours, so he fitted the “old school look” that I was looking and now he’s special. You can print free Christmas posters for your personal use, just don’t sell them. : D

You will find a print friendly version of ” Christmas Poster with Santa Claus” here

Christmas Poster with Santa Claus @
Christmas Poster with Santa Claus
Christmas Poster with Santa Claus @
Christmas Poster with Santa Claus @