December 6.

It’s time for Christmas decorations again – this time it’s the Christmas heart.
The pleated Christmas heart is a classic on the Danish Christmas trees. They are traditionally pleated in the national colours of red and white. But today the hearts can be made of all kinds of paper in all sorts of colours – all the colours that fit this year’s Christmas theme.

History: The first documented pleated heart is made by the famous storyteller H. C. Andersen in 1861, it is braided in green and yellow paper and without a handle. Pleated Christmas hearts to hang on Christmas trees was seen from the 1870s.


I’ve made a few pdf. files, one with templates for making your own pleated Christmas hearts and one where everything is ready to cut out and assemble. I’ve made 3 sheets to print and cut with 2 different Christmas harts on each. There is a simple heart with three “tabs/fingers” and a more complicated one with 7 “tabs / fingers”. I have made the versions you see in the pictures – one in “silver glitter” and white with dots, one in “gold” with dots and a red pattern and an all white version for you to decorate.
Get your child, another loved one or yourself to decorate the paper before you cut the hearts out. AND please share photos of your own Christmas hearts.
Papers can, of course, be mixed from all the sheets – as long as the number of “tabs/fingers” are the same.

I actually do not know what the parts to pleat/braid is called – for now I call them “tabs/fingers”.

flettede julehjerter - pleated Christmas hearts
Pleated Christmas hearts

If you haven’t made a pleated Christmas heart before, there are a few tips.

  • Remember to place the template with the straight edge close to the fold of your paper.
  • Print a few sheets out of the ones I have made and practice on the easy hearts. 🙂 Or practice on parchment paper/baking paper before using the nice paper.
  • Start to pleat/braid from the inside out.
  • Be patient – the more complicated, or those with many “tabs/fingers” can be quite tricky.
  • If you want nice straight lines use a ruler and a scalpel instead of a scissor.
  • You can enlarge or reduce templates, by using Adobe Reader and set your print size, or resize using a copy machine.
  • You can decorate your heart with ribbons, glitter, stamps, stickers, washi tape … yes everything your heart desires 😉

Find “Pleated Christmas hearts – for print and cutting” here

Find “Pleated Christmas hearts templates” here

Good luck.

I know that I have my logo all over the pdf.’s. I did that so you could find my website at a later date – if you should need new prints 🙂

Pleated Christmas hearts -flettede julehjerter
pleated Christmas hearts