Make yourself a Christmas tree – free templates

Christmas trees - make your own Christmas decorations. Find free templates of 3 different Christmas trees, with optional decoration in the middle. Find inspiration for your Christmas and other Danish inspiration @ #DanishThings #Christmas #ChristmasTrees #ChristmasTree #Decoration #ChristmasDecoration #Free #Template #tree. Juletræer til juleklip. Gratis skabeloner af 3 forskellige juletræer, med valgfri dekoration i midten. Find inspiration til årets gang på danishthings.comRead more

  Christmas templates – make your own Christmas tree Now it’s time for making Christmas decorations! In Danish schools, there is a tradition called a “cut-glue day” (klippe-klistre dag). At the beginning of December, children make Christmas decorations for their classrooms and the school. Most people in Denmark have taken part in “klippe-klistre” day, either […]

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