Danish Things

Month: December 2016

Kransekage – marzipan wreath cake

Marzipan wreath cake - ring cake - Danish kransekage - a recipe for a classic Danish cake. Find recipes and inspiration @ danishthings.comRead more

  New Year is equal to KRANSEKAGE – marzipan wreath cake The kransekage (literally wreath cake) – is a cake the Danes bake (or buy) for special occasions such as New Year’s Eve, weddings, graduation and birthdays. I bake a large kransekage – marzipan wreath cake once a year for New Year’s Eve – the […]

Pleated Christmas hearts – Danish Christmas harts

Flet et julehjerte - flettede julehjerter. Find skabeloner og hjerter til print-selv, vælg om du vil printe, klippe og flette et færdigt fint julehjerte, eller bruge skabelonerne og dit eget papir. Find inspiration til årets gang på danishthings.comRead more

December 6. It’s time for Christmas decorations again – this time it’s the Christmas heart. The pleated Christmas heart is a classic on the Danish Christmas trees. They are traditionally pleated in the national colours of red and white. But today the hearts can be made of all kinds of paper in all sorts of […]