Delicious Muesli cookies - a different granola bar
Delicious Muesli cookies – a different granola bar

Sometimes it is nice to have something delicious in the lunch box (or for afternoon coffee/tea).
I make “Sweet breadsticks – perfect for the lunch box“ If it must be half-healthy and filling. Otherwise, I make these Muesli cookies.

Yes, I know that this word is spelled in a great many ways muesli/müesli/granola – usually I write just MUESLI and “a rose by any other name…”

These cookies are primarily sweetened with fruit sugars from raisins, dates and bananas, and contains less white sugar, 50 grams to approximately 20 cookies. I make the cookies small. Because in my world, the fact that they are small makes it OK to take two – or more. You can easily make them larger.

I have experimented with MANY cereal bars and cookies and I like the muesli cookies/granola bars that are COMPLETELY crisp.
I am not alone in this family – Christian like the chewy muesli cookies/granola bars the best, so this is sort of a compromise.

Yes, you can make these as muesli bars, it’s just more time consuming. First, the mass is poured into a square form (buttered or with baking paper) and it bakes. When the cake is baked, remove it from the oven and let it cool until you can cut it without breaking the bars. Then you have to bake the muesli bars again – these cookies are only baked once. Besides, the cookies keeps their shape in the lunchbox.

Muesli cookies are best (and most brittle), when they are freshly baked. Or else keep them dry and place a piece of parchment paper between the cookies and enjoy a (small) sticky muesli cookie (or two) that is super tasty.

Delicious Muesli cookies - a different granola bar
Delicious Muesli cookies – a different granola bar

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Delicious Muesli cookies – a different granola

60 mins
Serves 5


190 g muesli/cereals/granola with fruit and nuts
1 egg
1 banana (80-100 g)
40 g sugar
10 g vanilla sugar (if necessary vanilla powder and sugar)
10 g all-purpose flour
3 g baking powder



Blend eggs, banana, flour, baking powder, sugar and vanilla sugar in a blender.
Mix it with the muesli.
Use baking paper on a baking sheet, and a small spoon to make the (small) cookies.
There will be approximately 20 small cookies.
Bake them at 150 degrees C for 35 minutes. The cookies should be a light brown color.
Let them cool on a wire rack.
They become crisp around the edges with a chewy center. Keep dry.

Make your own muesli by taking:

• 100 g coarse rolled oats or normal rolled oats
• 30 g raisins
• 25 g hazelnuts
• 20 g coconut flakes
• 15 g dates in pieces


• 1 teaspoon of cinnamon in the mixture
• dried cherries, cranberries or other dried fruit
• almonds

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