Creative expert

My name is Christel and I see myself as a creative expert in many areas.
On this blog, I will try to inspire you with some of my various creative interests including:

  • Jewellery – making long necklaces, rings and earrings.
  • Baking and making desserts – both unhealthy and (half) healthy.
  • Paper – I have worked with collage and mixed media forever.
  • Print-at-home, I am experimenting with gift boxes, posters, cards, flags …

Why a creative expert?

  • I have taught young people and adults to draw, both art drawing and life drawing, and how to paint.
  • I have made clothes and accessories, since childhood.
  • I have taken goldsmith courses (jewellery making).
  • I’ve sold my jewellery and handbags through a design network called Freestyle Factory. Back then I had a photo of my jewellery in two Danish magazines.

Other interest:
I love to travel. I like to travel to the US with my family to London with my sister or on a trip with my spouse somewhere in Europe.
I live in Denmark with my son Christian age 11 and his father, whom I have known since I was 19.

I haven’t translated all my Danish posts. I haven’t got that many English speaking readers. When I hit 200 subscribers I will start a translation of all my Danish posts. For now, email me if you want to have an English version of any post and I will try to translate it as fast as possible.

You can get in touch with me here

Welcome to Danish Things.

Christel creative expert in among others jewellery, collage, cake recipes ...